Aerial Videography

Want aerial videography Dallas? With their unique perspective from above, aerial drone videography services can offer breathtaking and insightful video, and panoramic vistas. Perfect for showing the surrounding neighborhood, viewing large properties, and providing context to nearby amenities and features. We offer qualified, FAA licensed, professional drone pilots that deliver aerial videography services for residential real estate property marketing. Our drone pilots are approved by the FAA to fly for commercial use and abide by all local and federal regulations. All our drone services include insurance for peace of mind.

Top Befits of Aerial Videography

  • Showcase the awesome property features from above
  • Highlight features near or around the property, like a golf course or lake
  • Get an overview of the property and surrounding area

Top Issues with Aerial Videography

  • Avoid uninsured drone operators
  • Avoid drone operators that are not FAA licensed

Can’t I just use any cheap drone operator? Sure, they will be less expensive, but you are taking on a huge risk. First, to operate a drone for commercial purposes, like real estate videography, the FAA makes it very clear, the drone pilot must be certified by the FAA. Second, is the drone operator insured? I sure hope so. Accidents can and do happen. You want to make sure your drone operator is fully insured. If something bad happens, and your drone operator is not insured, and not certified by the FAA, the fines can be staggering, and lawsuits can be a nightmare.

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